Computational Electromagnetics Links


Web Sites
Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society (ACES)
An organization supporting the development, validation, and distribution of numerical EM modeling codes.
Unofficial NEC Home Page
Numerical Electromagnetics Code documentation and information.
Unofficial NEC Archives
Numerical Electromagnetics Code (NEC) Source Code and Executables.
Available EM Scattering Programs
Thomas Wriedt's list of available electromagnetic scattering programs.
Internet Finite Element Resources
A guide to finite element codes available over the internet.
J. Mackerle's Bibliography of Finite Element Books
A searchable bibliography of finite element books and conference proceedings published worldwide from 1967.
This site has been created for the free distribution of electromagnetics software and related information. This related information includes relevant conference information, a list of other EM sites, and a user-defined searchable directory of people working in the EM field.
Journal of Electrostatics
A source of information relating to electrostatics.
Computational Electromagnetics Laboratories
Government and University CEM Laboratories.
Mailing Lists
A mailing list for discussion relating to the Numerical Electromagnetics Code (NEC).