Graduate Catalog (II)

•         *CpE412 Digital Logic: Digital Logic  (LEC 3.0) Digital logic analysis, synthesis and simulation. Design automation of digital systems. Prerequisites: Cp Eng 111 and Cp Eng 112.

•         *CpE415 Advanced computer Architecture I:  Advanced Computer Architecture I  (LEC 3.0) Advanced topics in computer structures, parallel processors, and computer networks. Emphasis on their design, applications, and performance. Prerequisite: Cp Eng 313 or Cp Eng 315

•         *EE420 Semiconductor Devices: Semiconductor Devices (LEC 3.0) Properties of semiconductors, junctions and transistors; high frequency and high-current effects; recombination processes; field-effect devices, semiconductor devices and microcircuits. Prerequisite: Graduate status in El Eng.

•         *EE425 Electromagnetic Optics: Electromagnetic Optics (LEC 3.0) Propagation,control, and modulation of laser radiation. Topics include optical polarization, interference, layered and anisotropic media, electro-optic devices, acousto-optic devices, and nonlinear optics. Prerequisite: El Eng 271 or Physics 321.

•         *EE445 Statistical Decision Theory: Statistical Decision Theory (LEC 3.0) Classical detection and estimation theory with applications; hypothesis testing, detection of known signals, matched filter receiver implementation, detection of signals with unknown parameters, sequential and nonparametric detection, detection of stochastic signals: Parameter estimation theory with application to modulation. Prerequisite: El Eng 344.

•         *Math 461 Introduction to Abstract Harmonic Analysis I: Harmonic Analysis I (LEC 3.0) Fourier series, norm and pointwise convergence of Fourier series, the conjugate and maximal functions, analytic functions in the unit disk and Hardy spaces, interpolation of linear operators and the HausdorffYoung-Riesz Theorem, Sidon sets. Prerequisites: Math 315 and Math 351.

•         *Physics 409 Classical Mechanics I: Classical Mechanics I (LEC 3.0) Methods of Newton, Lagrange, and Hamilton applied to the motion of particles and rigid bodies. Introduction to canonical transformations and Poisson brackets. Classical scattering and small oscillations. Prerequisites: Math 204, Physics 309.