Undergraduate Catalog

•         271 Electromagnetics: (LEC 4.0) Static electric and magnetic fields using vector analysis and timevarying electromagnetic fields using Maxwell's equations. Topics include Coulomb's law, Gauss's law, Ampere's law, dielectric and magnetic materials, plane waves, and transmission lines. Prerequisites: Elec Eng 153, Elec Eng 152, Physics 24, and Math 204 each with a grade of "C" or better. Passing grade on Elec Eng Advancement Exam II. Elec Eng 272 is a corequisite.

•         391 Electrical Engineering Senior Project I (RSD 0.5 and LAB 0.5) A complete design cycle. Working in small teams, students will design, document, analyze, implement and test a product. Topics include: Iteration in design, prototyping, group dynamics, design reviews, making effective presentations, concurrent design, designing for test, ethics and standards, testing and evaluation. Prerequisites: Stat 217, Cp Eng 111, Econom 121 or 122, Sp&M 85, English 160, at least 3 of the following: El Eng 205, El Eng 207, El Eng 265, El Eng 267, El Eng 271, El Eng 254.

•        392 Electrical Engineering Senior Project II (LAB 3.0) A continuation of El Eng 391. Prerequisite: El Eng 391.