Undergraduate and Graduate Catalog (I)

•         CpE372/EE372 Signal Integrity: Signal Integrity In High-Speed Digital & Mixed Signal Design (LEC 3.0) Signal integrity ensures signals transmitted over a propagation path maintain sufficient fidelity for proper receiver operation. Compromised signal integrity is often associated with parasitics (e.g. unintentional inductance, capacitance). Theory and CAD tools used for signal integrity analysis of functioning designs. Prerequisites: El Eng 271 or Cp Eng 213, and Senior standing. (Co-listed with Cp Eng 372)

•         EE371 Interference Control in Electronic Systems Design: Grounding And Shielding (LEC 3.0) Fundamental principles involved in typical grounding and shielding problems, objectives and techniques for grounding and shielding to reduce misconceptions and a more systematic approach to replace "trial and error" methods, interference mechanisms and shielding techniques. Prerequisites: El Eng 265 and 271

•         EE373 Antennas and Propagation Antennas And Propagation (LEC 3.0) Propagated fields of elemental dipole, directivity and gain, radiation resistance, the half-wave dipole, wire antennas, arrays, broadband antennas, aperture antennas, horn antennas, and antenna temperature. Prerequisite: El Eng 271.

•         EE377 Microwave and Millimeter Wave Engineering and Design: Microwave And Millimeter Wave Engineering And Design  (LEC 3.0) Introduce senior and graduate students to the concept of microwave an millimeter wave engineering and component design such as waveguide, couplers, detectors, mixers, etc., including network theory and scattering matrix. Finally, their application in various microwave circuits will be discussed. Prerequisites: El Eng 253, 271.

•         EE379 Microwave Principles for Mixed-signal Design:  Microwave Principles For Mixed-Signal Design (LEC 3.0) Transmission lines; coupled transmission lines; microwave network analysis; impedance matching and tuning; design of microwave amplifiers and oscillators. Prerequisite: El Eng 271.

•         *CpE311 Introduction to VLSI design: Introduction To VLSI Design (LEC 3.0) An introduction to the design and implementation of very large scale integrated systems. Procedures for designing and implementing digital integrated systems, structured design methodology, stick diagrams, scalable design rules, and use of computer aided design tools. Prerequisite: Cp Eng 213.

•         *CpE 312 Digital System Design Laboratory: Digital Systems Design Laboratory (LEC 2.0 and LAB 1.0) Experimental studies of problems with high speed digital signals in circuits. Student designs, wires, tests, and programs a microprocessor based single board computer project. A FPGA design is programmed and tested. Prerequisite: Cp Eng 213 or 313.