Graduate Catalog (I)

•         EE455 Advanced RF & Time Domain Measurements:  Advanced RF & Time Domain Measurements (LEC 2.0 and LAB 1.0) Advanced measurement techniques and instrumentation: Oscilloscopes (Real time and sampling, A/D conversion errors, Probing, Jitter, Noise), Spectrum analyzer (concepts, applications), Network Analyzer (concepts, calibration), Impedance measurements. Lab experiments are a main part of this class. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

•         EE456 Signal Integrity, High Speed Digital & RF Design Laboratory:  Signal Integrity, High Speed Digital and RF Design Laboratory (LAB 3.0) This is an RF and digital electronics design class. Student groups will design, manufacture and test RF and/or digital circuits during the class. Besides this project work the lecture part will emphasize circuit design, 162 - Electrical Engineering Courseslayout, parasitic effects and design for testability Prerequisite: Elec Eng 271.

•         EE471: Advanced Electromagnetics I: Advanced Electromagnetics I (LEC 3.0) Review of Maxwell's equations, constitutive relations, and boundary conditions. Wave propagation and polarization. Vector magnetic and electric potentials. Equivalent representations of fields, Babinet's principle. Circular waveguides. Green's functions. Prerequisite: El Eng 271 or equivalent undergraduate electromagnetics course.

•         EE473: Electromagnetic Waves II: Electromagnetic Waves II (LEC 3.0) Circular waveguides, circular cavities, scattering by cylinders, apertures in cylinders, spherical cavities, orthogonality relationships, source of spherical waves, scattering by spheres, perturbational and variational techniques, microwave networks, probes in cavities, and aperture coupling to cavities. Prerequisite: El Eng 471.

•         EE474 Computational Electromagnetics: Computational Electromagnetics (LEC 3.0) Differential-equation based numerical methodsfinite element, finite-difference, and finitedifference time-domain-for solving static and dynamic equations of electromagnetics. Applications considered are multi-conductor transmission lines, Maxwell's equations for radiation and scattering, and electric machinery. Prerequisite: El Eng 271.

•         CpE411 Advanced VLSI Design: (LEC 3.0) Advanced topics in chip-level VLSI design, including issues related to high-performance, low-power, analog and mixed-signal circuits, reliability, noise and coupling mechanisms, computer aided design tools, and recent advances and trends in the field. Prerequisite: Comp Eng 311 is required.