Electromagnetic Compatibility Links

Web Sites
IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society
This organization provides and promotes EMC-related publications, standards, and conferences.
Electromagnetic Compatibility Society of Australia
A non-profit technical society to promote electromagnetic compatibility throughout Australia and the region.
GEMCAR Project
A three-year collaborative research project to develop guidelines for EMC modeling of automobiles.
A worldwide, non-profit, professional organization certifying engineers and technicians in telecommunications and electromagnetic compatibilty
Electrostatic Discharge Association
This organization provides information and promotes standards relating to ESD.
Electrostatics Society of America
This organization deals with all aspects of electrostatic phenomena.
Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health
A review of laboratory and epidemiological evidence relevant to the issue of whether static (direct current, DC) magnetic or electric fields cause or contribute to cancer (or any other health problems) in humans.
CDRH Medical Device EMC Program
U.S. Food and Drug Administration - Center for Devices and Radiological Health
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
EMC Group
University of Oklahoma
Center for the Study of Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility
Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg
EMC Group
University of York
Applied Electromagnetics Research Group
University of Florida
         Lightning Research Group
University of Clemson
        The Applied Electromagnetic Group (AEG)
The National Taiwan University
        Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory

Mailing Lists
A mailing list for discussions relating to EMC and product safety regulations
A mailing list for discussions relating to signal integrity
A mailing list for discussion relating to electrostatic field problems