Corporate Sponsors


Corporate Sponsors

The Missouri S&T Electromagnetic Compatibility laboratory gratefully acknowledges the support of our corporate sponsors. Without their help, our focus on EMC education and research would not be possible. Each of the sponsors listed below contributed equipment and/or funding for equipment to the Missouri S&T Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory.



Chrysler Corporation


General Motors


John Deere



Sun Microsystems

Fischer Custom Communications


Parker Chomerics


Our corporate sponsors are companies that recognize the important role that universities play in EMC education and research. Some of our sponsors are leading suppliers of EMC test equipment, EMI suppression components, or EM modeling software. Others are companies with a strong commitment to good EMC design practices, who recognize that equipment donations to universities are an investment in the future.

EMC Center Partners

The Missouri S&T EMC Center is comprised of companies designing high-speed digital electronics that support research in the EMC Laboratory at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. A list of participating companies can be found on the Center for Electromagnetic Compatibility web page.

Affiliated University Research Labs

The Missouri S&T EMC Laboratory is officially affiliated with the EMC Laboratory at the University of L'Aquila in Italy, University of Houston and Clemsen University. The four laboratories collaborate on research projects sponsored by Missouri S&T EMC Center Members. Each laboratory contributes a unique perspective and expertise, which helps to broaden the scope and improve the quality of consortium-sponsored research.

The Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR) is an advanced-technology research campus where academia, industry and government organizations engage in synergistic collaboration.