Atieh Talebzadeh

Ph.D. student

  • Estimated Graduation Date: August 2018.
  • Advisor: Prof. David Pommerenke.
Projects at Missouri S&T
  • Channel Emulator Based on FIR Filters (Cisco): Applying optimization techniques (GA and PSO) to emulate a desired channel (both through and x-talk).
  • Data Analyzing of some Electrostatic Charged Experiments (ASHRAE): Effect of environmental condition (i.e. temperature and humidity), human activities (walking, sitting, etc.), time decay on electrostatic charge and discharge voltage.
  • Passive Intermodulation Distortion.
  • M.Sc, Electrical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran, Jan. 2013.
  • B.Sc, Electrical Engineering, Shahed University, Iran, Sep. 2010.