Alumni : From EMC Lab to Industry

Our students work hand-in-hand with industry on leading-edge research, exposing them not only to a wide base of technology critical to today's problems, but also developing their ability to interact professionally with others in our field. As a result, our students find themselves in high-demand when they graduate, and they go on to work in some of the world's top companies.

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NameDegreeCurrent Employer
Sameer Arun Walunj MSEE Juniper
Harsh Shrivastav MSEE Ansys
Shubhankar Marathe PhDEE Amazon
Tamar Makharashvili PhDEE Google
Javad Soleiman Meiguni PostDoc Amazon
Qiaolei Huang PhDEE Amazon
Yang Zhong MSEE Duke University, PhD
Bichen Chen PhDEE Facebook
Sen Yang PhDEE Apple
David Nozadze MSEE Cisco
Nicholas Erickson PhDEE Air Force Research Lab
Han Gao MSEE Cisco
Han Deng MSEE Cisco
Pranay Kumar Vuppunutala MSEE Cisco
Jun Xu MSEE Cisco
Feng Zhang MSEE Gentherm, Michigan
Ying Cao PostDoc Apple
Yansheng Wang PhDEE Google
Abhishek Patnaik PhDEE Apple
Yuan Chen MSEE Intel
Chenxi Huang MSEE Apple
Kaustav Ghosh MSEE Juniper
Pengyu Wei MSEE Apple
Zachary Legenzoff MSEE Honeywell
Atieh Talebzadeh PhDEE Apple
Darwin Li MSEE CST
Ying Zhang MSEE Gentherm, Michigan
Ahmad Hosseinbeig PostDoc Apple
Heegon Kim PostDoc Apple
Shuai Jin PhDEE Google
Chenwei Gong BSEE UCLA
Kyoungchoul Koo PostDoc Apple
Jonghyun Cho PostDoc Rambus
Mikheil Tsiklauri PostDoc Apple
Nana Dikhaminjia PostDoc Ilia State University
Kartheek Nalla MSEE Cisco
Xiang Fang MSEE Juniper
Qian Liu MSEE Juniper
Satyajeet Shinde PhDEE Apple
Guangyao Shen PhDEE Apple
Suyu Yang MSEE Google
Qian Wang MSEE Xilinx
Emily Hernandez BSEE Stanford University
Guanghua Li PhDEE Apple Inc
Oleg Kashurkin MSEE Cisco System Inc.
Xinyun Guo MSEE Altera
Hoyt Justin    
Li Liang MSEE Amazon
Ben Orr PhDEE Intel
Wei Qian MSEE Intel
NameDegreeCurrent Employer
Woojin Lee Postdoc Intel
Natalya Bondarenko PhDEE Cisco System Inc.
Jing Li PhDEE Apple Inc
Jingnan Pan PhDEE Google
Chunchun Sui PhDEE Cisco System Inc.
Jayesh Giri MSEE  
Hui He MSEE Hitachi Global Storage Technology
Syed Huq MS Molex Inc
Xiangyang Jiao MSEE Cisco System Inc.
Mihir Suchak MSEE Cisco System Inc.
Ren Xiao MSEE Apple Inc
Mikhail Zvonkin MSEE Google
Ben Conley MSEE Sandia National Laboratories
Ben Toby BSEE Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Guanghua Li PhDEE Apple
Paul Henny  BSEE Dynetics
Arun Chada PhDEE Dell
Xu Gao PhDEE Apple Inc
Matt Halligan PhDEE Sandia National Laboratories
Tianqi Li PhDEE Apple Inc
Pratik Maheshwari PhDEE Apple Inc
Ketan Shringarpure PhDEE Apple Inc
Xiao Li  MSEE Cisco System Inc.
Viswa Pilla MSEE Apple Inc
Kancy Robison MSEE Cadence Design Systems
Wei Qian MSEE Intel
Tao Wang MSEE Qualcomm
Dazhao Liu PhDEE Apple Inc
Andriy Radchenko  PhDEE Apple Inc
Aleksei Rakov MSEE  
Alexander Razmadze Post-Doc Altera Corp.
Ji Zhang  PhDEE Cisco System Inc.
Soumya De PHDEE Cisco Systems Inc.
Hongyu Li PHDEE Broadcom Corporation
Keong Kam Ph.D. Apple Inc
Hanfeng Wang Ph.D. Apple Inc
Vijay Kanagachalam MS Apple Inc
Vijay Karjala MS Apple Inc
Aleksandr Gafarov MSEE Mentor Graphics Corporation
Liang Li MSEE SPNG CE Signal Integrity
Peng Shao MSEE Cisco Systems
Liehui Ren Ph.D. Broadcom
Zhenwei Yu Ph.D. Intel Corporation
Songping Wu Ph.D. Cisco Systems
Joe Bishop MSEE Agilent Technologies
Zhen Li MSEE Semtech Corporation
Nick Mentesana MSEE Honeywell
NameDegreeCurrent Employer
Siming Pan Ph.D. Cisco Systems
Amendra Koul MSEE Cisco Systems
Xiang Li MSEE FreeScale Semiconductors
Argha Nandy MSEE Broadcom
Matt Schepers MSEE Sandia National Labs
Vysakh Sivarajan MSEE Amphenol
Fan Zhou MSEE Semtech Corporation
Gang Feng Ph.D. Research In Motion
Weifeng Pan Ph.D. Google
Clint Patton Ph.D. Sandia National Laboratories
Sarah Seguin Ph.D. University of Kansas
Ankit Bhargava MSEE Nvidia
Gary Black MSEE General Dynamics
Andrew Conrad MSEE General Dynamics
Surbhi Mittal MSEE Apache Design Solutions
Andrea Orlando MSEE University of L'Aquila
Nitin Radhakrishnan MSEE Cisco Systems
Jayong Koo Ph.D. Intel Corporation
Praveen Anmula MSEE Mentor Graphics
Qing Cai MSEE Research In Motion
Matteo Cocchini MSEE IBM Corporation
Francesco De Paulis MSEE University of L'Aquila
Yong Cheh (Antonio) Ho MSEE Republic of Singapore Air Force
Vijay Kasturi MSEE Amphenol Corporation
Shaohua Li MSEE Brocade Communications Systems
Tun Li MSEE Qualcomm
Meilin Wu MSEE Amphenol-tcs
Xiaohe Chen Ph.D. Apple Inc
Michael Cracraft Ph.D. IBM Corporation
Kuifeng Hu Ph.D. Agilent Technologies
Giuseppe Selli Ph.D. Amkor Technology
Jianmin Zhang Ph.D. Cisco Systems
Aman Aflakii-Beni MSEE Altera Corporation
Pradeep Chagarlamudi MSEE N/A
Sandeep Chandra MSEE Ford Research & Innovation Center
Jue Chen MSEE Cisco Systems
Lijun Han MSEE Garmin International
Giorgi Muchaidze MSEE Amber Precision Instruments
Shaowei Deng Ph.D. Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
Shishuang Sun Ph.D. Altera Corpration
Haixiao Weng Ph.D. Texas Instruments
Fan-keung (Frank) Chang MSEE Nvidia
Kundan Chand MSEE Altera
Ding Chong MSEE Cisco Systems
Mauro Lai MSEE Intel Corporation
Abhilash Rajagopal MSEE Cisco Systems
Ahmed Sharief Shaik MSEE Siemens
Poorna Chander Ravva MSEE Intel Corporation
Liang Xue MSEE Nvidia
NameDegreeCurrent Employer
Jin Shi Ph.D. Oracle America Inc.
Chunlei (Michael) Guo Ph.D. Intel Corporation
Xiaopeng Dong Ph.D. Intel Corporation
Kai Wang Ph.D. Intel Corporation
Kai Xiao Ph.D. Intel Corporation
Yan Fu MSEE Intel Corporation
Geping Liu Ph.D. Altera Corporation
Shaofeng Luan Ph.D. Brocade Communications Systems
Jinkun Mao Ph.D. Amkor Corporation
Hwan-Woo Shim Ph.D. Samsung
Chen Wang Ph.D. Nvidia
Lin Zhang Ph.D. Juniper Networks, Inc.
David Carter MSEE Sandia National Laboratories
Ramachandra Chundru MSEE Texas Instruments
Abhyudaya Reddy Eluganti MSEE Garmin International
Pavani Jella MSEE Micron Technology
Zhe Li MSEE Altera Corporation
Juan (Jane) Wang MSEE Juniper Networks, Inc.
Jing Wu MSEE Altera Corporation
Bivin Varghese MSEE Motorola
Annalisa Tharakan MSEE Motorola
Hao Wang Ph.D. Micron Technologies
Theodore Zeeff Ph.D. Hewlett Packard
Huihui Hu MSEE Amkor Corporation
Xiaoxiong (Kevin) Gu MSEE IBM Corporation
Minjia Xu Ph.D. Hewlett Packard
Ravikant Atreya MSEE Intel Corporation
Dan Berg MSEE Boeing Corporation
Girish Bhat MSEE Integrated Engineering Software
Jason Neely MSEE Sandia National Labs
Tim Pak MSEE Flomerics
Wei Cui Ph.D. Intel Corporation
Jun Fan Ph.D. Missouri S&T
Yun Ji Ph.D. Intel Corporation
Zhiping Yang Ph.D. Nuova Systems Inc.
Xiaoning Ye Ph.D. Intel Corporation
Tim Christman MSEE Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner
Yimin Ding MSEE Motorola
Christopher Olsen MSEE Intel Corporation


NameDegreeCurrent Employer
Min Li Ph.D. Andrew Corporation
Ge Chang MSEE IntelCorporation
Juan Chen MSEE Intel Corporation
Yu Huang MSEE Tegic Communications
Xiao (Janet) Luo MSEE Panasonic
Xiao (Reba) Wang MSEE Sprint
Rongkai Xu MSEE Teradyne, Inc.
Lan (Lauren) Zhang MSEE Dell Computer
Prem Ganeshan MSEE Motorola
Navin Kashyap MSEE Queen's University
Brandon Kemp MSEE MIT
Derick Skouby MSEE Hewlett Packard
Ishfaqur Raza Ph.D. Intel Corporation
Hao Shi Ph.D. Apple Inc
Mohammed Ali Ph.D. Altera Corporation
Hemant Bishnoi  MSEE (??) Virginia Tech
David Hockanson Ph.D. Oracle America Inc.
Lee Hill MSEE Silent EMC Consulting
Tony Hsu MSEE Hyper Taiwan Technology, Inc.
Hong-Him Lim MSEE LSI Logic
Mike Wilhelm MSEE Federal Aviation Administration
Puneet Grover MSEE AMD Inc.
Bob Dockey BSEE Philips Medical Systems