Jun Fan

Director of EMC Lab, Cynthia Tang Missouri Distinguished Professor in Computer Engineering

Research Interests
  • Intra-System Electromagnetic Interference, Radio-Frequency Interference
  • Numerical Electromagnetic Analysis
  • Signal Integrity and Power Integrity Design for High-Speed Printed Circuit Boards and Packages
  • Coaxial cable sensors and sensing system
Daryl Beetner

Professor and chair of the electrical and computer engineering department

Research Interests
  • Electromagnetic immunity and emissions
  • Electromagnetic modeling
  • IC Design and modeling
  • Detection and neutralization of electronic triggers used in explosives
  • Engineering education
Chulsoon Hwang

Assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering

Research Interests
  • Signal and power Integrity of IC/package/PCB system
  • Electromagnetic modeling
  • Time and frequency domain simulation/measurement techniques
Donghyun (Bill) Kim
DongHyun (Bill) Kim

Assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering

Research Interests
  • Nanometer Scale Devices
  • TSV technology
  • SI/PI/EMC issues in 2.5D/3D IC systems
Victor Khilkevich

Associate Research Professor

Research Interests
  • Signal processing
  • Microwave structures design and analysis
  • Electromagnetic simulation
  • Signal integrity
  • Time-domain measurement of network parameters
  • Near-field scanning
  • Electromagnetic field transformation
  • Measurement and processing of random signal and fields
  • EMI mitigation techniques
  • EMI source and coupling path identification
Hongseok Kim
Zurab Kiguradze

Visiting associate research professor

Research Interests
  • Applied Mathematics and Algorithms
  • Optimization Methods
  • Electromagnetism and Maxwell Equations
  • Nonlinear Equations and Systems of Mathematical Physics
  • Numerical Mathematics
  • Scientific Computing
  • Programming
  • Numerical Solutions of Nonlinear Differential and Integro-Differential Equations and Systems
  • Signal Integrity
Hongseok Kim
Hongseok Kim

Visiting assistant research professor

Research Interests
  • Automotive/Power Electronics EMC
  • Modeling and Simulation for Low-frequency EMC Problems
  • Modeling and Simulation for Chambers/Measuring Instruments
  • Three-phase Motor Drive Systems for Vehicle Traction and Braking
  • Wireless Charging Systems for Mobile Phone and Electric Vehicle
  • Power Factor Correction Circuit for Power Supply
  • DC-DC Converter






Zhifei Xu
Zhifei Xu

Visiting assistant research professor

Research Interests
  • Signal integrity of IC/PCB
  • Electromagnetic compatibility simulation/modeling of IC/PCB
  • Tensorial analysis of network modeling for EMC and multiphysics
  • RF interferences