Commercial Electromagnetic Modeling Codes

Codes are grouped by company. Companies are listed alphabetically.

AC Microwave GmbH

Aachen, Germany
Phone: +49-241-879 3022
Fax: +49-241-879 3023


A microwave and RF circuit design suite that includes circuit simulation tools and field modelers.

Advanced Electromagnetics

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Phone: 505-897-4741


a 3D hybrid MOM/UTD/FDFD code

AnSoft Corporation

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Phone: (412) 261-3200

Maxwell 2D

2D electrostatic, magnetostatic, and low-frequency magnetic finite element analysis codes

Maxwell 3D

3D electrostatic, magnetostatic, and low-frequency magnetic finite element analysis codes

Ansoft HFSS

3D full-wave finite element code


SIwave allows an analysis of the power and signal nets of the device to be generated from a physical description of the device, allowing engineers to model not only individual components, but also entire PCBs and package structures.


Turbo Package Analyzer(TPA) automates the analysis of semiconductor packages, including flip-chip, chip-scale package, and multiple-die system-in-package designs. The software features a multipole-accelerated Partial Element Equivalent Circuit (multi-PEEC) engine and an advanced model-reduction algorithm for fast simulations of high-speed traces.


Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Telephone: (412) 746-3304
Fax: (412) 514-9494


a self-contained electromagnetic analysis package, simulates electromagnetic fields, electrostatics, circuits, and low and high frequency current conduction. Three types of analysis are possible:
. static magnetic analysis, both 2D and 3D
. harmonic magnetic analysis, both 2D and 3D
. transient magnetic analysis, both 2D and 3D.

Applied Wave Research, Inc.

Redondo Beach, CA, USA
Phone: (310) 370-2496
FAX: (310) 793-6500


a spectral-domain moment-method code for analyzing planar structures.

Artech House

Norwood, MA USA
Phone: +1 781-769-9750

AWAS for Windows Version 2.0: Analysis of Wire Antennas and Scatterers

Low-cost moment-method software for analyzing wire geometries

EMPLAN: Electromagnetic Analysis of Printed Structures in Planarly Layered Media

EMPLAN is a low-cost tool for design engineers who can use it to simulate radiating structures in layered media.


This MS Windows software employs a method of moments technique and allows you to define the geometry of a structure as a combination of wires, plates, material objects and more, and provides information on that structure’s current distribution, far-field radiation pattern, near-field distribution, and multiport admittance, impedances, and/or s-parameters at pre-defined feed points.

Aurora Software and Testing

Edificio de Desarrollo Empresarial 9B
Camino de Vera
46022 Valencia, Spain
Phone: +34 963-714-257
Fax: +34 963-714-254

FEST3D Electromagnetic Software Tool 

FEST3D is an efficient software tool for the accurate analysis of passive components based on waveguide technology.

FEST3D is the first commercial software capable to integrate high power effects in the design process.


Bay Technology

Aptos, CA, USA
Phone: (408) 688-8919
FAX: (408) 688-6435


Full-wave electromagnetic simulation and optimization software for solving for the current distribution on 3D, multilayer arbitrary structures. Circuit parameters are extracted from the solved current distribution and saved in formats compatible with time and frequency domain circuit simulators.

Computer Simulation Technology

Darmstadt, GERMANY
Tel: +49 6151 7303 0
Fax: +49 6151 718057

CST MicrowaveStudio

User friendly ECAD tool for HF applications, using a "Perfect Boundary Approximation". Includes time-domain and frequency-domain solver modules.

CST EM Studio

A general purpose Quasistatic 2D and 3D solver. Contains both electrostatic and magnetostatic modules.

M.A.F.I.A 4

A general purpose 3D solver for Maxwell's Equations, from DC to THz. Based on the "Finite Integration Method (FIM)".


Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 8 412 95 00
Fax: +46 8 412 95 10

U.S. office:
Burlington, MA USA
Tel: +1-781-273-3322
Fax: +1-781-273-6603

FEMLAB Electromagnetics Module

3D static and full-wave field solvers for Matlab based on the finite element modeling technique.


Tucker, GA 30084 USA
Phone: (770) 939-0156
Fax: (770) 939-0157


EMPOWER is a 2.5D electromagnetic simulator based on the method of lines that analyzes planar-type circuits, such as microstrip, stripline, coplanar, slotline, finline, and suspended/inverted substrates.

Electro Magnetic Applications

Lakewood, CO 80226 USA
Phone: (303) 980-0070
Fax: (303) 980-0836


EMA3D is a general purpose, 3D FDTD code.


MHarness is a FDTD code for multi-conductor transmission lines and complex cable harnesses.

ElectromagneticWorks, Inc.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Phone: 514 489 5473
Fax: 514 489 3505


Advanced Transmission Line Analysis and Synthesis System


EMS is a 3D-field simulator for low frequency electromagnetic and electromechanical applications. EMS combines a high level of functionality and accuracy with ease-of-use, and is applicable in a wide variety of designs.


HFWorks is a fully 3D field simulator for RF, Microwave, and Wireless applications. These applications include: dielectric resonators, oscillators, tuning elements, waveguide twists and bends, waveguide tees, directional couplers, isolators, circulators, attenuators, antennas, high Q filters, etc.

ELF Corporation

Osaka 556-0004, JAPAN
FAX +81-6-6634-2803


A 3D Non-Linear Static Magnetic Field Solver


A 3D Non-Linear Static Electric Field Solver

EM Photonics, Inc.

Newark, DE, USA
Phone: +1 302 456 9003


EMPLab is a general-purpose 2D electromagnetic simulation program developed to run within the MATLAB environment.

EM Scientific, Inc.

Carson City, NV
Phone: (702) 888-9449
Fax: (702) 883-2384

MiniNEC Professional

MININEC is a method of moments computer code for the analysis of thin wire antennas. It solves a potential integral formulation using a Galerkin routine with triangular basis functions. It sports an easy to use user interface and is an application program for the Microsoft Windows environment.


Tucuman, Argentina


EMMCAP is a user-oriented 3D "Curved" MoM software for the modeling of arbitrarily shaped wire structures and for the computation of their electromagnetic behavior, including radiation and scattering problems. The code is based in a Method of Moments formulation with curved segments. It is intended for solving problems in the areas of antenna analysis and design, EMC applications, transmission lines and nonradiating networks. The modeling of the structure can be performed by means of the EMMCAP specific 3D-tools. System responses can be computed in a frequency sweep and plotted in 2D and 3D graphical representations.

EM Software and Systems

Stellenbosch, South Africa
Phone: +27 21 880 1880
Fax: +27 21 880 1880


An NEC preprocessor


A 3D hybrid moment-method/UTD-physical optics code


Tbilisi, GEORGIA
Phone: 995 32 324689
Fax: 995 32 390149

EMC Studio

EMC Studio is a very user friendly program suite for the calculation of the EMC behavior of large systems like automobiles, ships or planes. It focus on the EMC calculation of complex cable harnesses with nonlinear terminations and antennas in combination with metallic surface structures. The program combines 2D and 3D field calculation methods with transmission line codes and network analysis. 2D MAS (Static2D), 3D dynamic MoM (TriD), 3D static MoM (Static3D), MTL codes for cable cross-talk/ coupling/ radiation calculation and a network analysis code are combined in this program suite.


TriD is a 3D electromagnetic code in the frequency domain using MoM based on the EFIE. Arbitrary metallic surfaces may be represented with a combination of triangles, wires and surface to wire junctions. The software runs under Windows and Linux. The out-of-core solver calculates even extremely large problems on simple PC’s. A parallel in-core and out-of-core solver is available too.


A 3D electrostatic MoM code for capacitance and inductance calculation of metallic wire and surface structures.


Static2D is a 2D MAS code for capacitance and inductance calculation of complex cable bundles.


Durham, NC USA


Moderately priced 3D FDTD software with a user-friendly interface and ability to create animations.

ESI Group


3D FEM-based simulation software with powerful pre- and post-processing tools for working with vehicle designs created on CAD systems.


A tool for electromagnetic cable harness interference simulations. Designed by ONERA engineers and now marketed by ESI Group, CRIPTE has been used on cars, planes and metros.

ETH Zurich

Electromagnetic Code Designers Group
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Multiple Multipole (MMP) Algorithms

MMP is an inexpensive code for computational electromagnetics based on the Generalized Multipole Technique. Information on this code, free upgrades, a free demo version and other related items are available.

Faustus Scientific Corporation

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: (250) 598-2834
Fax: (250) 721-6230


Inexpensive 2D TLM code well-suited for educational use.

Field Precision

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Phone: 505-220-3975
Fax: 505-294-0222


Commercial 3D finite-element software, conformal hexadehron meshes. Unified mesh generator and solution packages for electrostatics, magnetostatics and charged-particle devices.


Commercial 2D finite-element software, conformal triangular mesh. Solution packages for electrostatics, magnetostatics, pulsed magnets, permanent magnets, charged particle guns, thermal transport, frequency and time-domain electromagnetics.


Surrey, UK
Southborough, MA, USA


TLM-based full-wave modeling tool with a great user interface. (This is the tool we most often use for circuit board modeling here at Missouri S&T.)


TLM-based full-wave modeling software for microwave and antenna design.

Grating Solver Development Company

Allen, TX, USA
Phone: (972)727-8008 (voice/FAX)

Antenna Solver

Antenna Solver (copyright 1999 by Dr. David Fluckiger, KJ5AT) calculates the current density and charges for general wire structures including surfaces. The Antenna Solver calculation engine (algorithms) are modeled directly on the public domain NEC2 code (Numerical Electromagnetics Code - Method of Moments) from the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. The original NEC2 code was written in FORTRAN, and that user interface is control card deck oriented. The NEC2 algorithms in Antenna Solver have been entirely rewritten in C++, using dynamic array allocation.

Grating Solver

GSOLVER calculates diffracted fields and diffraction efficiencies from plane wave illumination of arbitrarily complex grating structures.


Kamp-Lintfort, Germany
Phone: +49 (0)2842-981-0
Fax: +49 (0)2842-981-199


Empire is a commercial 3D FDTD speed-optimized code with a 3D geometry editor and mesh generator which covers passive RF applications. A free 30-day trial version is available.

Infolytica Corporation

Montreal, Canada
phone: (514) 849-8752
fax: (514) 849-4239


2D/3D magnetostatic, electrostatic, eddy current, and transient analysis


a low-frewquency electric field solver


3D full-wave electromagnetic modeling software employing the finite element method

Integrated Engineering Software

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Phone: 204-632-5636


A 2-D magnetostatic solver with permanent magnet (PM) capability using the boundary element method (BEM).


A 2-D electrostatic solver using the boundary element method (BEM).


A 3-D magnetostatic solver with permanent magnet (PM) capability using the boundary element method (BEM).


A 3-D electrostatic solver using the boundary element method (BEM).


A 2-D low-frequency time-harmonic magnetic field solver with permanent magnet (PM) capability using the boundary element method (BEM).


A 3-D time-harmonic eddy current analysis based on the (BEM).


A 3-D code employing the boundary element method.

Interactive Products Corporation

Cary, NC, USA
Phone: 919-280-8846
Fax: 919-319-1476


EM Modeling software for design engineers with high speed analog signal integrity simulation requirements involved in PCB, Cable, Connector, VLSI, and related interconnect media designs. Results include a full frequency dependant matrix; L, R, C, G, Z0, Zodd, Zeven, Zdifferential. On-line product descriptions, demonstrations and trial software are available for download.

The Japan Research Institute,Ltd.

16 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0082, Japan.
Tel: +81 3 3288 4765
Fax: +81 3 3288 4770


JMAG-Studio set of 2 and 3D finite element codes with a user-friendly interface. Currently it can analyze the following kinds of problems:
- magnetic fields (frequency & time domain), - heat conduction
- electric fields
- electric charge distributions
- electromagnetic waves
- superconductor materials
- coupled analysis involving circuits, heat, motion and structural analysis

MagneForce Software Systems

Hamburg, NY, USA
Tel: (716) 646-8577
Fax: (716) 646-1973

MagneForce Software Systems

MagneForce Software Systems produces simulation software for the rotating electric machine industry. We simulate both the machine and its corresponding drive/load circuitry together, in this way we are able to capture the full effects of magnetic, spatial and time based harmonics. Our software is based upon finite element analysis for magnetic field calculation and various time based circuit solution techniques for the circuit simulation portion of the analysis. Our software is specifically tailored to rotating electric machinery and is very powerful but also quite user friendly. We calculate as standard output many parameters of interest to machine designers.

Magsoft Corporation

Troy, NY
Tel: (518) 271-1352
Fax: (518) 276-6380


Flux2D is a FEM-based CAD program for static, low-frequency, or transient problems.


Flux3D is a 3D FEM code for solving static, low-frequency, or transient problems.

MEM Research

Spoltore, Italy
Phone +39 347 8279009


This tool is an integral equation-based full wave simulator, using a new approach: the Generalised Transverse Resonance Diffraction (GTRD), addressing the solution of quasi-planar multilayer circuits. Unlike the several MoM techniques commercially available for planar structures, this simulator is a truly 3D device, accounting for the finite-thickness and finite conductivity of the conductors.

Nittany Scientific

Hollister, CA, USA
Phone/Fax (408) 634-0573


inexpensive 3D full-wave moment-method software based on the NEC2 code that runs on a PC. It supports 3D visualization, Smith charts, polar plots, and rectangular plots. It also supports spreadsheet style entry, copy, cut & paste and many Windows features. The cost is less than (US)$500.

OptEM Engineering, Inc.

Calgary, Canada
Phone (403) 289-0499

OptEM offers a suite of software tools for EM modeling and signal integrity analysis.

PDE Solutions

Antioch, CA, USA
Phone: +1 925 776-2407
FAX: +1 925 776-2406

Flex PDE

FlexPDE solves linear or nonlinear partial differential equation systems in two or three space dimensions. Steady state, time dependent or eigenvalues. 3D domains are layered extrusions of 2D figures. Student version is available free of charge for educational use.

Poynting Innovations Ltd.

Wendywood, 2144 South Africa
Phone: +27 11 262 5155
Fax: +27 11 262 5156


SuperNEC is a hybrid Method of Moment (MoM) / Unified Theory of Diffraction (UTD) antenna analysis program. Dr Derek Nitch and Dr André Fourie from Poynting Software designed and developed SuperNEC. The Matlab graphical interface that sets this product apart from the rest was developed by Dr Nitch. SuperNEC 2.3 now incorporates a Genetic Algorithm optimiser and the "Simply Sparse" solver core by Dr Francis Canning, as well as the Sparse Iterative Method (SIM).

Quantic Laboratories Inc.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B 0X1
Phone: (204) 942-4000 or 1-800 665 0235 (U.S. only)
Fax: (204) 957-1158

Omega PLUS

signal integrity and EMC simulation on PCs and Unix workstations

PCB Greenfield

system-level simulation on Unix workstations

Greenfield 2D

a 2D electrostatic and magnetostatic field solver

Greenfield 3D

SPICE models for three-dimensional structures


system-level EMC simulations for boards, enclosure and cables

Remcom Inc.

315 S. Allen St. Suite 222
State College, PA 16801
Phone: 814-861-1299
Fax: 814-861-1308


3D full-wave Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) software with an X/Motif graphical interface.

Schmid & Partner Engineering AG

Zurich, Switzerland
Phone: +41 1 245 9700
Fax: +41 1 245 9779


Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) / thermal solver combined with a GUI for analysis, optimization and synthesis of antennas embedded in complex environments, EMC and dosimetry

Sigrity, Inc.

Binghamton, NY, USA
Phone: 607-648-3111
FAX: 607-648-4020


a special-purpose FDTD solver for modeling interactions in multi-layer chip packages and printed circuit boards.

Simlab GmbH

Munich, Germany
Tel.: +49(0)89-7600090


A collection of field solvers (3D PEEC, 2D/3D BEM) for PCB modeling


Interface to EDA databases


Tool for modelling and simulation of complex cable structures.

Sonnet Software Inc.

Liverpool, NY, USA
Phone: (315) 453-3096

Sonnet Lite

free software for modeling predominantly planar structures.

Sonnet Suites 8.0

3D moment method software optimized for predominantly planar structures. (e.g. microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuits and modules or even multi-layer PCBs)

CST Microwave Studio

full 3D electromagnetic analysis of microwave circuit structures

Structural Research & Analysis Corporation

Los Angeles, CA 90025
Tel: 310-207-2800
Fax: 310-207-7805


A 3D-field simulator for low frequency electromagnetic/electromechanical applications

Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg

Hamburg, Germany


A 3D electromagnetic code using a frequency-domain MoM method based on the EFIE and MFIE. Metallic and dielectric structures can be modeled. Applications include simulation of shielding problems (with and without apertures), cables and lines within metallic structures (combination of MoM and transmission line theory), and Printed Circuit Boards. For treating large structures, the code has been hybridized (MoM and Physical Optics). The software runs on PC platforms under LINUX and on workstations under UNIX variants. The code has been parallelized for multiprocessor PCs and PC clusters. Powerful GUI monitors facilitate the application.

Tera Analysis

Tarzana, CA, USA
Phone: (818) 831-9662


a relatively easy-to-use 2D finite element modeling code. A shareware version for students is available.

ThinkWireless, Inc.


Fast Geometry generation for antenna simulations. Can be used to generate geometries for NEC simulations.

University of Bath (U.K.)

Claverton Down, U.K.
Phone:(+44) 1225 826067
FAX: (+44) 1225 826305


Finite element 2D and 3D pre-postprocessor and solver, static, time harmonic, transient ,nonlinear, eddy currents, thermal, external circuit model is fully integrated into the software.

Vector Fields Inc.

Aurora, IL, USA
Oxford, UK


2D FEM software for electrostatics and magnetostatics, including eddy current effects, motional induced currents, and space charge effects.


Pre and post processor for 3D EM analysis


3D FDTD code employing conformal meshing

Weidingler Associates Inc.

New York, NY, USA
Phone: (415) 949-3010


a 3D finite element time-domain solver for Maxwell's equations, with integrated pre- and post-processing tools.

John Wiley & Sons

New York, NY, USA
Phone: (212) 850-6000
Fax: (212) 850-6088


a graphic platform for computational electromagnetics containing tools for the visualization and animation of electromagnetic fields as well as numeric, semi-analytic and analytic Maxwell techniques. MaX-1 is partially based on the Multiple Multipole (MMP) technique and partially based on the generalized Finite difference (GFD) scheme.

Zeland Software

Fremont, CA 94538


a full wave, method of moment, 3D and planar electromagnetic simulation and optimization package for circuit and antenna applications.


a full-wave, 3D FDTD electromagnetic simulation package for circuit and antenna applications.



a set of integrated tools for the analysis of EMC problems on printed circuit boards.

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