Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) problems can significantly decrease the reliability, increase the cost, and delay the development schedules of modern electronic systems. The mission of the Missouri S&T Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory is to support EMC research and education projects with a goal of developing the knowledge base, tools and people necessary to solve today's EMC problems and address the EMC problems of the future.

Scope of Research

  • Printed Circuit Board Design and Modeling
  • Enclosure Design and Modeling
  • Component Packaging
  • Novel EMI Reduction Techniques
  • VLSI Component Design and Modeling
  • Multi-Chip Module Design and Modeling
  • Electrostatic Discharge Protection
  • Transient Suppression
  • Grounding, Filtering, and Shielding
  • Automotive Electronics and Electric Drives
  • Information Technology Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Avionics

Contact Information

209 Emerson Electric Company Hall
Missouri University of Science and Technology
Rolla, MO 65409-0040

email: emclab@mst.edu
Web server: http://emclab.mst.edu